THE TRUFFLE EXPERIENCE. December and January, from 12 noon. Limited places.
La tòfona

The BLACK TRUFFLE (Tuber melanosporum), a highly appreciated culinary product, is found in the forests of La Vall de Bianya, where the morning mists create a beneficial habitat for this much-prized fungus, and the soil in this part of La Garrotxa County facilitates reproduction. Black truffles are mainly associated with the roots of ilexes and oaks, both of which species abound in La Garrotxa, and are much appreciated for their unique, potent taste and pleasing fragrance. Truffle hunting with a trained dog is an age-old tradition in this area and at Ca l'Enric, we have planted a hectare of land for our own use. Black truffles start to reach maturity in late November, when they give off their distinctive aroma. Come along to our plantation and, with the help of sharp-nosed "Lola" and her master Jaume, enjoy the ritual experience of hunting truffles, which we will then prepare for you to taste.